Paper Recycling

Accurate Recovery will buy your scrap paper. We will dispatch our paper recycling trucks to your location on-demand or on-schedule, safely and confidentially pick up your waste paper.

We can help you design, implement and enjoy the benefits of a high quality recycling program.

We operate paper recycling facilities within Philadelphia. Whether an account is large or small, our operations have the capacity and flexibility to handle the wide range of recovered paper generated by retailers, manufacturers, printers and other businesses.

If you are a printer, converter, direct mail house, bindery, box or carton plant, distribution center, chain store, beverage or food manufacturer, office park, hospital, municipal recycling plant, or other generator, Accurate Recovery is a solution for your recycling needs.

Values, emphasis on quality service and long-term relationships are the backbone of our business.

We utilize our many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the recycling industry to develop, implement and manage recycling programs that provide the highest quality service, markets and products to our customers.


The first step in implementing a paper recycling program is to analyze your waste stream.  From there we can determine the appropriate paper recycling equipment and service necessary for your operation.

We operate our own fleet of trucks and can offer any type of recycling service to fit a customers needs.

We will supply you with the proper paper recycling equipment and infrastructure. Included in our business model is the ability to offer equipment such as balers, shredders, conveying systems and various types of plastics processing equipment.

With over 20 years of domestic and international experience; we can provide expert marketing advice and recycling programs that turn costly waste into revenue streams.

Paper recycling is not just ecologically wise it also can be profitable.
Waste paper has value. implementing a paper recycling program for your business or organization is key to your bottom line.

Payments are made on a monthly basis.


Thousands of tons of old corrugated container into the manufacturing process, saving our environment from deforestation and carbon emissions .  

Cardboard is the most common recyclable material in our industry.

Bale pickup service is often recommended to customers using commercial compactors or baling machines, generating at least 2.5 tons of waste cardboard monthly.

Recycled paper/cardboard can be used for:

  • Tissue paper
  • Toilet paper
  • Cereal boxes
  • Newspaper

Common grades of paper we recycle.

  • White Ledger
  • Newspaper/Groundwood/Blank News
  • Sorted Office Waste
  • Mixed Paper
  • Kraft
  • Publisher’s Blanks
  • Hard White, Soft White, SBS
  • Chip Board
  • Card Board
  • Undeliverable Bulk Business Mail (UBBM)


Document Shredding and Purge Services keeps you both secure and compliant!

If you’re doing a massive cleanout of old files and documents or you’re moving offices or homes, Accurate Recovery can help keep streamline the process while keeping your sensitive information secure. Simply recycling unneeded documents or leaving them lying around can enhance the possibility of your sensitive personal or business information getting into the wrong hands. Accurate Recovery helps you and your business keep information secure and stay in compliance with privacy laws.

Our purge document destruction services are for cleaning any amount of documents, materials, business files and paper. If you have a room that’s full of files and paper or piles and piles of boxes that need shredding as a one-off job, look no further than Accurate Recovery. Documents are securely shredded off-site, or, on-site at your office, home or other location.

Our one-time paper shredding services are designed to help you get rid of a large quantity of sensitive documents all at once. Simply call us for a pick-up, let us know how much you’re getting rid of, and we’ll come to your location to perform the job.

Our uniformed, bonded and insured security specialist will conduct the shredding and present you with a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

Our Process is simple:

  1. Call us at 855 205 4050 to schedule a pick-up.
  2. Let us know the quantity of documents and the box types.
  3. We come out to you and complete everything onsite.
  4. You receive a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

Certificate of Destruction

Once all of your documents have been properly destroyed, a certificate of destruction we are able to provide you with certification that your materials have been shredded, segregated and submitted to a paper mill to become mashed liquified pulp for manufacturing new paper goods.

The document states that materials were destroyed and disposed of properly.

Call Accurate Recovery (855) 205-4050